“They guided us through the jungle of all those questions with the results being a resounding “yes” across the board.”

Danny & Susan

Bright Lights Solar was founded in January of 2018.  The company’s mandate was to provide electricity to those markets where access to utility or coop electricity was unavailable.  The result was a product line of mobile and “plug & play” solar power generators that have civilian (primarily off-grid) and government applications. Located in Spirit Lake Idaho BLS serves individual, commercial and government needs relating to energy access in remote areas.  The various system sizes and product choices are meant to synergistically help with energy independence. 


Systems To Fit Everyone’s Needs

  • From small to large systems, including commercial
  • Professional help to determine your needs
  • Our systems are customizable to your personal needs
  • Options for all your needs & expectations
  • Free app to check and adjust settings

Rapid Deployment Systems

  • Simplified set up with your needs in mind
  • One-person system setups
  • English instructions are always included
  • American tech service, always on standby
  • A plug and play system for easy deployment

Power Anywhere – Anytime!

  • Building and developing in remote areas
  • Emergency workers in remote areas
  • Camps in hard to reach places
  • Take it via truck bed, trailer, and even horse drawn

Power in Emergencies

  • Your own power plant in an emergency
  • For medical needs or ordinary household electric
  • Transportable solution for any emergency
  • EMP-EMI hardened
  • Be your own utility company

No Permits or Contractors Required For Transportable Systems

  • Stand-alone portable system are self-contained
  • Safety built into system specifications
  • No permit & contractor costs = Real money savings
  • No roof damage or attachments needed to your home
  • Take your power plant with you if you move or in case of an emergency

Qualifies For Government Rebate

  • Take advantage of current government tax rebates
  • Check rebate requirements & see for yourself
  • Great offer making the system more affordable



Perfect for the those who live or travel in campers, travel trailers, RV’s and Tiny Homes.

This system includes a 900 to 1,080-watt solar array with 3 solar panels, a 24-volt 2,500 watt modified sine wave inverter charger with 12-amp AC transfer capability, battery storage, charge controller, plug & play connections for 120 VAC input, such as a generator, along with other related components including lightening arrestors. Optional upgrades are available.


Perfect for the for the moderate/average size home.

This system includes an 1,800 to 1,860-watt solar array consisting of 6 solar panels, a 48-volt 8,000 watt pure sine wave inverter-charger with 50-amp AC transfer capability, battery storage, charge controller, plug and play connections for 120 VAC (20 amp capacity) and 240 VAC (30 amp capacity) inputs, complete with WIFI monitoring of system parameters from phone app or personal computer, along with other related components including lightening arrestors.


Perfect for a large homes.

This system is a PLUG & PLAY solar system installed on a proprietary support frame. The electronics are housed in an equipment enclosure to protect against rain, sleet, snow, and external ice formation.

The system is ready for use when delivered! No installation is required. Battery storage options are also available. This system includes a 2,400 to 2,480-watt solar array consisting of eight solar panels, a 48V – 12,000W pure sine wave inverter-charger with 50-amp AC transfer, battery storage, charge controller, plug connectors for multiple 120 VAC (20 amp circuit) and 240 VAC (30 amp circuit) inputs, such as a generator, and other components including lightening arrestors. Comes with complete WIFI monitoring and system parameter adjustment from phone app or computer.


Perfect for a property with several buildings or camp site with several structures.  

This system includes a 2,700 to 2,790-watt solar array consisting of nine solar panels and the capability to add unlimited additional panels as desired. The standard system includes two parallel 48-volt inverter/chargers pure sine wave electrical capacity resulting in a standard 24,000W continuous power and provides over 35,000W surge capacity.  Carrying capacities range from 50 to 100 amps.  The system design results in systems with a potential output of over 100,000 watts.  The systems come with multiple 120 VAC, 208 VAC (for commercial purposes) and 240 VAC lines and can be sourced from 2 or 3-phase systems.  Systems come with complete WIFI monitoring AND adjusting of system parameters.


  • Remote control meter and display unit
  • Inverter power upgrades for more wattage
  • Inverter power upgrades for more wattage
  • Automatic switching from low battery to grid or generator backup
  • Integration of a propane or natural gas generator
  • EMP/EMI Hardened
  • Wind and Hydro power
  • Battery Bank Upgrades
  • Battery monitoring for auto start and auto shut off *Standard in some units


“The most daunting tasks we faced when we started our solar research was trying to figure out how much would any given size solar generator actually support in our northern climate; could we even afford what we actually needed; could it be upgraded down the road as technology and our finances evolved; and could it be portable if we had to move.  The answers to these questions from nearly every vendor we looked at were frustrating and disappointing at the very least.  When we found Bright Lights Solar we had just about given up our search, deciding to wait until the technology became better and more affordable. They guided us through the jungle of all those questions with the results being a resounding “yes” across the board.  And the fact that our initial outlay would not be down the tubes, but a platform for expansion down the road, gave us an added sense of security beyond the generator itself.”

-Danny and Susan


Our Story

Thomas Quinlin – CEO, Founder

Thomas Quinlin has been involved with solar technology since the mid-1970s, when he was working for Sandia Labs. Prior to founding Bright Lights Solar, Thomas had been involved in the investment industry for over two decades as a Registered Investment Advisor.  He founded Lifestyle Design Group LLC. He also served with distinction as a past arbitrator for FINRA (the old NASD) for 13 years. He has also held a past position as a distinguished member of the Ethics Committee for the Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA). In the past he earned and carried a Certified Investment Management Analyst designation (CIMA) from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and as well as the designation of Accredited Investment Fiduciary Auditor (AIFA) from the Katz Graduate School, University of Pittsburg.He has always been actively involved in the community and has served as a past VP/Board of Directors for Campfire Council, as a past committee member for past Silicon Valley Charity Balls, the San Jose Museum of Art & the United Way.He has also served as Chairperson for the Small Business Association and the San Jose Chamber of Commerce Executive Club. He is currently a volunteer fire fighter for the County of Bonner, State of Idaho. He also volunteers for Search and Rescue in Bonner County and EMT (Emergency Medical Team) program along with volunteering for the Spirit Lake Police Department. In the past, he lectured at a variety of events across the nation on topics of Comprehensive Wealth Planning, client Center Approaches to Investment Management, and creating Private (Charitable) Foundations. He has been interviewed and a featured guest speaker on many television and radio programs over the past 35 years.  His previously published book, Liberty Taken; Living Pre-Tax in an After-Tax World was released 4th quarter of 2013. Thomas has also developed high end homes in Lake Las Vegas during the period of 2004 through 2012, and co-founded EqualiTV (Canada) and EqualiTV USA, non-profit broadcasting companies located in Toronto, Canada and Las Vegas Nevada. They are the world’s first broadcasting companies that aired programs about and by people with disabilities. Thomas also co-founded Empower Global Group, Inc. in early 2013.  Empower was a specialized developer of solar energy projects offering 1) Solar manufacturing capability, 2) construction of solar power generation facilities and 3) creation of factory direct residential sales networks.  Empower was also committed to focusing its efforts in developing renewable energy alternatives in the Philippines, specifically in the devastated province of Bohol. Thomas enjoys mountain climbing, studying Egyptology, creating objects of woodworking art and…most of all, riding his Harley

Russell Spriggs – Logistics Manager

My life has been a model of a “Mother Earth News” lifestyle since 1970, before their first issue came out.   In the 1990’s my home was entirely solar powered and off grid, with gravity fed water from a quartz mountain on my property, in Black Mountain, NC.  You may have read about my old hometown in the book, One Second After, a novel that dealt with the collapse of the power grid.  I learned a lot of my early solar from reading the big old thick Real Goods catalogue every year along from getting information from suppliers at that time. Jeanne & I lived in Colorado for some years & came to north Idaho 15+ years ago.  One of the first things I did on our acreage was to install for our well and a couple panels, followed by chickens, milk goats, honeybees, raised beds and greenhouses – all projects I’ve had for decades before.  Our Solar Engineer, Thomas, rolled into town over a year ago & I’ve been working with him on the venture ever since.I was in the first CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) class that graduated in the Inland NW several years ago. Since that time, I’ve assisted in the instruction and much of the logistics of the four subsequent classes.  We’ve graduated over 100 folks in our county. Sustainability, organic living and community cooperation have been passions that I enjoy sharing with neighbors!  My civilian and military experiences have prepared me well to be the Logistic Manager at Bright Lights Solar. 

Jeanne Considine – Marketing Manager

A varied life in terms of many jobs and living in or visiting several areas on earth I believe makes a person flexible in learning new ideas and information and, most notably, adaptable and thoughtful of peoples’ many beliefs, customs and differences. My jobs have been in many areas, including teaching, for businesses & schools, and medical as one of the first female Advanced EMT’s in Upstate New York.  It was an honor to be offered a scholarship in both these fields.Other jobs brought me great experiences in business that included owning and marketing my own successful business in Upstate New York.  In a Fortune 500 company I became a team manager, along with teaching, public speaking and handling high security cases.  A few other jobs, that were equally instrumental in experience and education, were managing a fraud investigation team in a National Bank that included training in interrogation skills,  and Safety and Risk in another national company.  Currently, on a part-time basis, I do Residential & Commercial Inspections along with environmental testing. Bright Lights Solar, however, is my passion and as we grow it gets more exciting because we are making a tremendous difference in peoples’ lives along with providing an important measure of saving grace to our beautiful Earth. Jeanne is a CERT member of Bonner County (Community Emergency Response Team) and enjoys Violin, hiking, biking, kayaking, photography, flying, travel and loves home on the farm.